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Temple Park Centre is closed for general usage and events due to the COVID-19 crisis and to comply with Government regulations. We are making plans for re-opening the centre in 2021 following recent refurbishment work - see below.

If you have an urgent enquiry regarding closure of the Centre please ring/text 07853077025.

The major refurbishment of Temple Park Centre has now been completed. Details of this work, including a video of the transformation and the grants which have enabled this exciting new development, can be found here:

Temple Park Centre (formerly William Temple Church) has been a community resource and a place of worship for over 50 years. It is situated in the heart of the Manor Park community and offers a wide range of facilities for all the community. The Centre is now run by the Manor Church and Community Project which is a charitable organisation with a number of initiatives supporting people and families who live in the Manor district.

Over the years local people have used the building to gather together, celebrate and enjoy themselves. The current improvements to Temple Park Centre and those planned for the future build on this spirit of working together for the benefit of the whole community.

During the past few years the building has been progressively upgraded (see the news blog) and we have plans for future developments once funds become available.

Temple Park Centre is a place for community activities and community and family celebrations. Currently regular users of the Centre are the Lunch Club, Bingo, Stay and Play and MASKK (Manor After School Kids Klub).

When not being used by our regular users, the facilities in Temple Park Centre are available for booking. Check the calendar for availability and go to the booking request form if you are interested in making a booking.

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