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Booking request

Temple Park Centre Facilities:

The spaces we have available for booking are:

  • The Hall
  • Meeting Room 2  (the stage area)
  • Meeting Room 3  (including ball pool) 
  • Meeting Room 4

See the Meeting Room plan for the layout of Temple Park Centre.

See the Gallery link to view different layout styles.

Hall                                        £16.00 per hour   -  100 people standing; 80 seated

Meeting room 2                    £6.00 per hour    -  8 people seated  

Hall + Meeting Room 2        £20.00 per hour   -   provides the hall plus stage area

Meeting Room 3                   £8.00 per hour    -   6 people seated – includes a ball pool

Meeting Room 4                   £8.00 per hour    -   10 people seated

Meeting Room 3 + 4            £12.00 per hour   -  16 people seated – includes a ball pool

Reductions may be available for regular repeat bookings.

Please note that all bookings will be subject to an additional fee of £18-27 (depending on the space booked) to cover the cost of cleaning, including extra COVID-19 hygiene requirements.

Booking Policy and Terms & Conditions:

Please click the following link for our policy and terms & conditions for all bookings at Temple Park Centre, including special conditions for hire due to COVID-19:  Booking Policy

A copy of this document must be signed by the hirer before a booking is confirmed.