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Booking Policy


Terms and Conditions for Temple Park Centre

  1. Description of Available Space
    • The hall will accommodate approximately 100 people standing or 80 seated at tables.
    • Temple Park Centre is an accessible building
    • The building will be locked at 9.00pm and functions/meetings must end by that time.
    • We can provide tables and chairs if required.
  2. Cancellation Charges
    • Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your booking. For the cancellation of an individual booking we require two weeks notice, otherwise we will charge a cancellation fee of half of the booking fee. If you wish to cancel a long-standing booking then we ask that you give us one month’s notice.
    • If we need to cancel your booking because of extenuating circumstances then we will endeavour to give you one month’s notice and will try to offer you an alternative date or venue if at all possible.
  3. Trial Period
    • All long-term bookings will be subject to a trial period of one month to ensure that the arrangement is working for both parties. At the end of one month either party is entitled to terminate the booking with immediate effect.
  4. Times of Bookings
    • Times of bookings are deemed to include setting up/clearing away of rooms. You should ensure that you have allowed time for this in order that you and your group/party are clear of the premises according to your hire time.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance of the Building
    • Please note that all one-off bookings will be subject to an additional fee of £20.00 to cover the cost of cleaning.
    • Long-term bookings are not subject to the cleaning fees, but are required to clean up after their events.
    • All users should leave the building in a clean and tidy state ready for the next user group. This applies particularly to the kitchen.
    • If you are using the building for a party then we ask that you clean up afterwards and take your rubbish with you. Please do not leave any food on the premises.
    • Please ensure all tables you use are cleaned and furniture is stored correctly and safely.
    • Rubbish should be put in the appropriate recycling bin/box; it would be appreciated if you would empty these into the outside bins when full.
  6. Security of the Building
    • If you have been given a set of keys for the building then they are your responsibility. We will charge you a deposit of £25 per set, which will be reimbursed to you when the keys are returned. If you lose the keys we will ask that you pay for a replacement set.
    • We do not take any responsibility for valuables that are brought onto the premises. All equipment is brought onto the premises (and stored if that is what has been agreed) at your own risk.
    • Please ensure that all lights are switched off and all windows are closed when you leave the building.
  7. Fire Procedures, Health & Safety, Safeguarding Policy
    • The hirer will be regarded as the responsible person during the period of hire, and shall be responsible for the care of the premises and the conduct of guests. All hirers must be over 18 years of age. It is required that the hirer is present upon the premises during the period of hire.
    • We expect you to familiarise yourself with all of the policies and procedures on our notice board relating to the Fire, Health and Safety Policy and the Safeguarding Policy.
    • Where a booking is for an organisation, we expect the hirer to confirm that their organisation has its own Safeguarding Policy and appropriate insurance. 
    • We will assume that you have any necessary health and safety certificates and DBS checks in place and that all appropriate legislation has been complied with in connection with the operation of your group.
    • There is a no smoking policy in Temple Park Centre which must be adhered to at all times.
    • Children should be supervised at all times.
    • Accidents should be recorded in the accident book, which is located in the kitchen.
    • The Manor Church and Community Project accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage, including personal injury and death, resulting from the premises proving to be unsuitable for your intended use.
    • It should be noted that Temple Park Centre is located in a residential area so please respect the local residents and keep noise to a reasonable level.
  8. Breakages and Damage
    • Please note that all breakages and damage to the building or its contents will need to be paid for.
  9. Room Hire Charges and Invoicing
    • We review our charges on a yearly basis.
    • Bookings will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month and each invoice is payable within 14 days of issue.
    • We may ask you to make full payment for your booking in advance, particularly for one-off bookings.

I, as hirer of the agreed room(s) and facilities, agree to abide by the contents of this bookings policy.

Contact Information

Please contact us on 07853 077025 or or via our website if you wish to discuss any issues regarding your booking.


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